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October 12, 2013
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They came and never left... by CigarsCigarettes They came and never left... by CigarsCigarettes
*DOWNLOAD* for better quality
You can all kill me slowly now in your minds...
but I still hope you enjoy this piece while waiting for your ATs and Commissions ;__;
It's the last artwork I upload before I finish all art I owe you, so I'm gonna be gone for sometime.
The main 6 will keep you company in my place.

I really had to get them out of my system and God are they shiny *___*
It surprised even me myself.

A random day-out together,
Twilight's all cute and like :icontwilighthappyplz::iconsaysplz: yay! I'm making cool is THAT?
then we have Rarity (:iconrarityclapplz::iconsaysplz:YAY ME!♥) being all lovey-dovey with Flutters who doesn't seem to mind at all... :iconfluttershyblushplz:
My ultimate favs seem to be like:
:iconapplejackrageplz::iconsaysplz:RD you butt! Gimme back mah hat!
:iconrainbowdashtrollplz::iconsaysplz:lol Problem AJ? Come and take it yourself...if you can!
and of course Pinks going all :iconpinkieisexcitedplz::iconsaysplz:OUUUUU♥ Shiny!

A normal day in Ponyville

Some fun facts from drawing this piece:
♦ I have my OTPs but I'm warming up to the idea of Flutters X PP
♦ I'm also starting to like Alicorn Twilight, I just don't understand all the drama around her.
She became a Princess not a Goddess like Luna or Celestia, sure she might live longer but I doubt her immortality...
♦ Through coloring AJ & RD I had the weirdest convo between the two in my head...If you're not a fan of Appledash I'm not
gonna tell you how it ended...or where ;P
♦ I almost cried drawing Pinks hair ;___;

Well that's it. Hope you like it and we'll meet again as soon as all ATs and Comms are DONE.

Visable characters belong to Lauren Faust, Hasbro Inc., and DMX Media
Artwork © CigarsCigarettes

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first of all i'd like to say this is a very nice picture! i see you're requested critique so, here goes!

Vision: You sure succeeded portraying the mane 6 in a group picture where they interact with each other, that's what i really like. the expressions and interactions make this a very interesting piece to look at. on top of that the background and twilight's magic also "connect" this picture and make it a whole.

originality: this i gave 4 stars because of your unique style, with all the mane 6 pictures out there i'm happy to see something different that yet stays in character.

Technique: technically this is is an amazing picture, but there are always ways to improve! (and i hope my critique will aid you :D) with your level of skill however t'is hard to figure out where you can improve because you really are a great artist. personally i'd handle the cutie marks a little differently, try to add some volume to them so they seem less "stuck on". also, they don't need to be the exact cutie marks from the show, even with that you can try out adding a personal touch just like you did with the character ^.0

Impact: one word :"Wow!" that was the first thing that i said to myself when i saw this picture,haha. nuff said? eeyup! nuff said! definitely one of the better pieces of all the MLP art out there.

That's all i had to say, hope to have either helped or motivated you :D
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the style in whichthe art was made is flawless i mean the hair looks bountyful the posing is unique while the type you used for each pony is mutliples like worcester type ponies mixed with Clydsedale and svarious sctolandbreeds by the looks of the various tuffs of hair on their ankles their posing is unique in the sense that in the show at the end of the intro their all hunched over each other but in this theit opened up and able to let go of their wings and hats and other accessories i feel this by far is one of the best pictures i have critiqued in months and i must sat this did a massively fantastic job with their expressions escpecially applejacks
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
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It looks so beautiful I'm gonna die!!!!!!!!!! I am a dummy! 
SydneyitsSydneyYo Mar 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
OMG...I love this! Dude, seriously...  
hahah, well yah bro, srsly ;D
SydneyitsSydneyYo Mar 23, 2014  Professional General Artist
never left where?
As in "they approached [as friends] me and never left alone"
but they're friends right?
Well, some friends leave you in the end...especially when you change or achieve something great, the rest of the main 6 never turn their backs on Twilight fter she became an Alicorn.
And that's what I had in mind.
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